shortones is a call for compositions to be performed online in summer 2021

3-7 compositions will be:
awarded with 1/3 of the total amount of the entry fees
performed, recorded, broadcast in live streaming on our YouTube channel by the Namaste Ensemble
added to the Namaste Ensemble repertoire for possible future performances.
Composers will keep performing rights.
The jury will be made up of members of Musica Prospettiva and of the Namaste Ensemble.

The call is open to composers of any age and nationality, to music of any genre, style, difficulty

Compositions for 1 to 4 players, any combination of:
Clarinets (2 performers, all clarinet family)
Harp (1 performer)
Piano (1 performer; preparation allowed)

1 to 5 minutes approx.

May 31st, 2021

Any compositions are allowed, either already performed / published / recorded / awarded or not.
Submissions do not need to be anonymous.
Please send
– scores in PDF format
– MP3 or link to a live or midi recording (if available)
– contact info
– year of composition
– year of birth (only for general statistics, will not be published, will not affect the selection process)
– optional: any useful info (bio, program notes, etc.)

A single donation of €10 per composer, with no limits to scores you may send, is required to be paid here:


You do NOT need to own a PayPal account (credit/debit cards are accepted by the system).
For any issues or questions, please contact us at

The results will be communicated by the end of June 2021

Namaste EnsembleGuido Arbonelli, clarinets
Natalia Benedetti, clarinets
Maria Chiara Fiorucci, harp
Michele Fabrizi, piano

* the Namaste Ensemble presents a constantly evolving musical repertoire, from contemporary music to jazz, from classical to film music, to tango. The relationship between composers and performers is the basis of its philosophy, to create a synergy between the moment of composition and that of the performance. It has to its credit tours in Europe, Japan, America, and collaborations with the most influential Italian and international composers (M. Porro, G. Garbarino, F. Festa, Mangani, C. Boccadoro, N. Oldrini, A. Cavallari, S. Nichifor, A. Girgn, C. Delgado, O. Ben-Amots, D. Ghezzo, N. Gerszewski, J. Pineiro). Countless compositions dedicated to the group and performed in important national and international festivals: London Ear, Festival FLAME (Florence), Spoleto Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2 Agosto (Bologna), Neue musik Hamburg. All the members are winners of international competitions including the Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition.